Intermountain Sweeper employs a well trained staff of service technicians to keep your equipment operating in top condition. On-site service is available throughout our service area for any types of repairs and we maintain large, modern service facilities in Salt Lake City as well as Denver Colorado for more extensive jobs. Planned maintenance agreements are available to give you the assurance that all periodic checks and adjustments are being made and to catch small problems before they become more serious. If your equipment is not performing to your expectations, don’t worry; our technicians will get you up and running in no time. Call us Today to schedule your service appointment.

Planned Maintenance Contracts Overview

Keeping up with routine maintenance is an important part of equipment ownership and essential to its continued safe and efficient operation. Each manufacturer provides maintenance instructions in their owner's manuals for those who wish to do this work themselves. You may, however, want to consider putting a Planned Maintenance Agreement in place to assure you that scheduled service is being properly performed.

With each client we will determine the appropriate service intervals for your equipment based on the amount and type of use. Then you can relax knowing that we'll keep up with its routine maintenance and correct small problems before they become large and potentially expensive ones.

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